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I began working out over 18 years ago and immediately saw the health benefits both physically and mentally.  I chose a career in health and fitness to help others improve the quality of their lives.  I am a WNBF Professional Men's Physique Competitor.  I graduated from Fresno State with a B.S. in Kinesiology, Exercise Science.  I am a NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist and a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  I specialize in helping people lose weight, gain muscle as well as prepping athletes for fitness competitions.  I love what I do and hope to make a positive difference in as many people's lives as possible.





Fitness and music have always been my main passions.  I have lifted weights and played music since I was a young teenager.  I first attended college at Humboldt State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in music with an emphasis in piano.  I then changed majors and decided to further pursue my other passion in fitness at San Jose State University, graduating with a Master’s Degree in exercise physiology.  As a part of my program there, I created the website Fit for Music, which focuses on preventative exercise strategies for musicians and can be found at Fitformusic.weebly.comI am a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the NSCA, CPR/AED certified, and a personal trainer here at Fitness for Life.  It is a great place to work and it is continuously rewarding to help clients reach their fitness goals, improve any muscular imbalances, and become healthy and pain free.  



I graduated from Fresno State with a bachelor’s in cognitive science and a minor in Japanese. A couple of years after graduating, I decided to pursue a career in fitness as I had experienced the positive impact that exercise had not only on my physical well-being, but on my mental health as well. I find a lot of fulfillment in taking part in the improvement of my clients’ health and fitness as a result of taking them through a customized workout routine. I am motivated by the desire to help clients move better and feel stronger in their day-to-day lives. I enjoy learning new things and I am constantly striving to improve my skills to better serve my clients. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM, as well as CPR/AED certified.

Jennifer Graves - PERSONAL TRAINER


Sports and fitness has been always been apart of my life since I can remember. I played tennis, basketball, volleyball, and ran cross country. I loved sports and exercise so much, I wanted to make a career out of it. I went to Freed-Hardemen University in West Tennessee and graduated with a B.S in Exercise Science. While I was there, I played tennis and became the assistant strength coach for the track and field team. That’s when I really learned the importance of exercise not only for athletes, but for everyone. I love to help people see a difference in their life through exercise and would love to help you along your journey too!

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