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Our Studio

We offer completely individualized training programs to achieve your goals.  Your trainer is with you for your entire 45 minute training session to correct your form, motivate you and push you so that every workout is safe, fun and productive.  There are no start up fees or contracts to sign.  Simply pay as you go, one month at a time.  What are you waiting for?...Contact us today!

Personal Trainer Fresno


Welcome to our private fitness studio.  You will always feel welcomed in our judgement free environment.

Personal Trainer Fresno

Our cardio room is free for you to use at anytime when you sign up for a training package.  Choose between one of our four Life Fitness cardio machines.  We have a treadmill, ellyptical, stair stepper and stationary bike to help you lose your body fat.

Personal Trainer Fresno


You will train to achieve your goals one on one with your personal trainer in privacy.  We have a complete array of training tools to help you on your fitness journey!

Personal Trainer Fresno


Our second training suite is a mirror image of the first.  We are here to cater to you.  If you have a favorite type of music, we are more than happy to play it for you over our speaker system.  Anything to help motivate you and get you into the training mind set.

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