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"I've been able to gain muscle mass since joining Fitness for Life which used to be difficult for me.  Not only are Leif's workouts very effective, he is vigilant about keeping good form.  I've also learned different useful stretches that help alleviate joint and muscle pain."

- Julio Calderon

Jan Hamilton

Jessica Laliberte, age 52, looking amazing at her first Figure Competition! July 16th, 2016


Chase Lewis

Setting goals – meeting goals – exceeding goals – and results!  That’s what I got out of Fitness for Life.  I started in the summer of 2018 with no real idea of what I wanted out of my fitness other than becoming “more fit”.  Leif worked with me to establish concrete goals then developed a workout program to meet them.  Within three months I had met those goals and set new ones.  Three months after that, we set new goals.  Leif changes the workouts regularly so there’s no “routine” to get bored with, and he’s a stickler for form and flexibility to avoid injury. 

- Chris Linneman

“Hiring Jimmy from Fitness for Life was one of the best business decisions I made in 2013. I met him at the Fresno Women's Conference, where he offered the first 45 minute session and evaluation free. I've been working with him since then, and it has helped me both personally and professionally. It has helped keep me motivated, active, and productive all year. I really like the private and personal environment - no noisy crowded gyms and horrible music. Thanks Jimmy for a great year!”​
-Richelle Jarrell

“I love coming to Fitness for Life. I have lost pounds and inches and have gotten stronger. Jenna is my trainer. Both her and Jimmy are great! I love it because it is not crowded. I will continue to train and do cardio there!.”​
-Sharon Allison​

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